Spiral Dynamics SDi Level 1 Certification Training

The next SDi Level One Certification Training will be by arrangement only

“All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” - Victor Hugo

There are many reasons why Spiral Dynamics Integral is worthy of the time to study in depth. Here are two of them.

Reason One

While Ken Wilber has withdrawn his original statement that Spiral Dynamics is “The theory that explains everything”, it remains the case that its huge power still goes unrecognised. Graves’ theory is equivalent in its explanatory depth to Darwin’s theory of evolution and will eventually have a similar impact on the understanding of how human consciousness develops. Its applications to societal and organisational design and development, to political thinking, to change management, to personal growth and to conflict resolution will eventually rival those of genetics. For those who have seen only its surface descriptions of “colour stages” there is a richness and subtlety that lies beyond, waiting to be explored.

Reason Two

A recent report “Capitalising on Complexity” issued by the office of the IBM CEO, reports on an in-depth survey of 1500 CEO’s across the world. Among its results are the responses on each of the following factors, where the percentage given denotes the proportion of those CEO’s who were experiencing upheaval to a large or very large extent.

  • More volatile – Deeper/faster cycles, more risk - 69%
  • More uncertain – Less predictable - 65%
  • More complex – Multifaceted, interconnected - 60%
  • Structurally different – Sustained change - 54%

60% are now experiencing high or very high levels of complexity, but 79% – almost one-third more expect to do so over the next five years.

Spiral Dynamics

There is only one theory which a) predicted that this would happen b) fully explains why it was inevitable and c) provides us with the intellectual and practical tools to manage the transition that we are facing. That transition is visible in local and global attempts to meet our current economic, social, ecological and political pressures. Delivering sustainability in the midst of such apparent chaos will take new mindsets. Our expertise and help will be needed.

Is this a sales pitch? Absolutely. We would like to invite you to share with us in the riches of SDi at a future Level 1 certification training. Please call us or e-mail if you are interested. Full details can be found on the CHE website at;

SDi Training facilitators Jon Freeman and Rachel Castagne